Technology Infrastructure Management

If you choose Computer Network Services, Inc. (CNS) to manage your Technology Infrastructure, you will work with one of our network architects to create a needs analysis and a plan for the devices and services that will become the design of your Technology Infrastructure.

This plan will then be detailed with specific device and service elements, their prices and a schedule to implement them.  It will reflect your business schedule to meet known milestones coming up for your company.  Are you adding personnel, adding a branch office, moving to a new and larger facility?  These questions will directly impact the plan we create with you.

Currently installed components and recommended improvements will be diagrammed for your new design.  Implementation and maintenance costs and the flexibility of the design to meet your evolving needs will all be included in your plan.  Your Technology Infrastructure may currently be all on premises or it may include off-site services (Cloud Services).  We have helped both established and startup companies design and implement the appropriate balance of on-premises and Cloud services to meet their business goals.

Unless your company is a brand new startup, you have an existing Technology Infrastructure that has grown with time.

Technology Gateway Assessments