Technology Team Subscriptions

Some of our clients have consulted with us for 10-30 years when making technology decisions.  They have valued our involvement and guidance related to the products and services we offer.  However, a number of our client requests for recommendations relate to products and services that we do not directly offer but we review continually.

New sources for products and services continue to emerge which we evaluate for appropriate application.  We may end up monitoring or managing them in the Technology Environment, but our help is vital to select appropriate and compatible components which fit our clients’ goals.

We are continuously studying new products, services and technologies, and researching their impact on our clients’ environments.  The benefits of that knowledge can be yours as a member of one of our subscription programs.

Two Subscription Programs

Computer Network Services, Inc. offers two different subscription relationships.  You can engage in our Technology Advisor Program or our Technology Concierge Program.

Read about Technology Advisor Program
Read about Technology Concierge Program