Companies today are finding creative ways to entice potential employees and to retain exceptional current ones. There are plenty of benefits they choose to offer to their workers. Some businesses offer great retirement plans, encouraging staff to think about the future and save in a unique way. Other corporations provide generous vacation packages, knowing that every employee needs and deserves a break away from the office. But in the 21st century, where technology is not only king, but always evolving, it is becoming more common for companies to offer their companies the opportunity to work remotely.

It is logical that this is an attractive benefit for a number of people; it states that a company trusts its people enough to be productive in their residential environment. Not to mention the added bonus of getting to do your job in your sweatpants! A number of modern businesses tend to agree: A recent article on referenced a blog article from the site Yonder, which stated that “as of last year, 3.9 million U.S. employees worked from home at least half of the time, which is a 115% increase from the 1.8 million in 2005.” But when this exciting opportunity is offered to employees, reliable technological systems must be in place in order for that worker to get the job done as efficiently as they would within an office environment. Here are a few ways technology today is responding to the ever-growing demand to support this work style:

File Sharing Programs
Working remotely cannot mean that your colleagues are out of touch with you. Not only must they be assured that you are always a phone call or an email away, but they must be able to send you pertinent documents with ease and speed. You will also need to access your company’s storage drives in order to accomplish your required tasks within the assigned deadline. Not only does iPec encourage remote workers and their teammates to take full advantage of popular sites like Dropbox and Google docs for image and file sharing, but Workationing also encourages businesses to explore file sharing programs such as Basecamp and WeTransfer.

Video Conferencing Programs
There may be days where a few meetings with colleagues and clients fill up your calendar. How can you contribute to the discussion while still being a remote worker? The solution here is to be present at the meeting virtually. According to the popular website Workationing (a great resource for remote workers), a company can choose from a number of innovative programs to make this happen, including Zoom, UberConference, and Slack. This means you can still be present to your boss and co-workers, all without leaving the privacy of your remote environment.  So keep those sweat pants on, but maybe put a blazer and a nice shirt on the top for days when video conferences are required!

Relationship Building Programs
Let’s be honest. While working from home or from a coffee shop a few times a week is certainly appealing, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t occasionally come with its fair share of loneliness. After all, one of the benefits of having co-workers is getting to develop personal and professional relationships with them on a daily basis. Sites such as Calm and BetterHelp provide great meditation resources and inspirations for how to combat those occasional moments where you get sick of the sound of your own voice every day!

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