Technology Advisor Program for Professional Organizations

Our Technology Advisor Program can be configured to give members of your professional organization periodic technology overviews supporting their professional interests.  We can provide meeting presenters with content tailored to areas of technology interest specifically oriented to your organization’s membership.  We can advise you on tools to record live training sessions you offer your members; so that valuable information will be available to those members who could not actually attend the training event.

This alone might allow you to increase your professional organization’s membership to include people who are not close to your meeting sites or who have busy schedules and have been reluctant to join due to difficulties in attending meetings


Our Technology Gateway Management Agreement can be customized to support your dispersed membership with Cloud and Hosted Services.  Our resources can substitute for those that normally exist behind the firewall of a physical business.  We can maintain that information technology hub information allowing your members to have a virtual experience as if you had a physical office where you met regularly.   You can have shared documents, email and other resources on-line with our help and advice.

When you hear about something new and want to know how it may help your business, but you are not ready to generate a purchase request or project proposal, the Technology Advisor Program allows you direct access to one of our technology architects.

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Initial orders for devices and services that support your organization require someone to oversee the process and ensure that the initial and continuing expectations are met.

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