When buying software, you’ll notice service providers using one of two business models: Software as a Provider, or Software as a Service. If you haven’t heard much about SaaP, it’s because this older model is being replaced by SaaS. So what is SaaS, how does it work, and what are the advantages of this type of solution for you or your business?

What is SaaS?
Software as a Service is simply an application that is delivered through the Internet as a subscription-based solution. With SaaS solutions, you’re essentially paying for the the rights to use the software. Because these applications are Internet-based, there’s no downloading or regular updating required. Everything is maintained by the service provider and nothing is hosted on your server.

How SaaS solutions work
SaaS solutions typically have two options for getting started: a free trial, or subscribing immediately. Free trials can be based on a time period of days to months, or the number of times the service is used. Once either of these free usage limits are met, your access to the service is disabled until a subscription is completed.

Alternatively, some SaaS providers offer unlimited use of a stripped down version of their software that requires a subscription to unlock the program’s full capabilities. Either way,these trials are a great way to learn the program and see how it could benefit you. Once you subscribe to the SaaS, you’ll have full access to all the features including automatic updates and fixes. This removes you from the responsibility of maintaining the software. Besides automatic updates, which essentially make the software future-proof, there are several benefits of SaaS over SaaP.

Key advantages
The biggest advantage of SaaS is that it’s flexible. All you need to access the software resolution is an Internet connection. This means you can use the program on any computeror compatible smart device. That makes it ideal for frequent travelers, employees who work from home, or offices where multiple people work on the same task. Another plus is not having to rely on tech support to walk you through a technical issue. With SaaP, every update is a new opportunity to have issues with downloading, installation, or compatibility. But SaaS solutions largely minimize this with the service provider making those updates as part of the subscription. Your business deserves working with the best software, and just some of the subscription software services include:
● Microsoft Office 365 Business Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook eMail)
● Sophos Endpoint protection
● Anti-virus and ransomware protection
● Workstation or server backup by Storagecraft.
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